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Exclusive Website Design Rights
Catalog > Exclusive Website Design Rights

This item is for an "exclusive use" rights for any Budget or Limited Edition website design template or any website designed using a template from my auction template samples.

Exclusive rights mean that the design you choose will be pulled from rotation and can never be sold to another party.


(OOAK one of a kind website designs do not need to purchase these rights.)


This is an Add On option for a Budget or Limited Edition website design template or auction template recreated into a website design you are purchasing.
If you have any questions in regards the exclusive rights or pertaining to the particular design you are considering, please just drop me a line!


What does all this mean?

This means when you make your purchase for a website design and purchase the rights to  use the design exclusively, the design you have purchased is pulled from my site in all sample forms and any auction templates, business cards, logos, etc. with this design will never be sold again even if it was a limited edition.


(www.OneSpringStreet.NET retains all copyrights to the design, graphics and coding. but the Exclusive rights are granted that only you have the design you have chosen.


If by chance someone has previously purchased the ebay auction template, it is to be used only as sold, only on ebay and no other items can be created using that design for any other purpose.


If you are viewing a design that is marked SOLD, it is unavailable for this, any and all purchases.
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