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Blog Design
Catalog > Blog Design

OneSpringStreet Blog Designs.

Below you will find 3 different options for purchasing a blog design.

Custom OOAK Blog Design:
This item is for anyone who wishes to have a design created exclusively for
them for their blog. You have full range on the blog design and I design it
around your requests and/or images that you provide. It is completely
customized for you. Installation is provided with any blog purchase. If you
already have a website, but did not purchase it from OneSpringStreet and
wish to have it created into a blog, this would be your purchasing option.


Blog Designed from premade design.

This purchase is for a blog created from any auction template design listed
on my site. All of my designs are listed in auction template form because if
I were to list them in all the different forms they can come in, it would
overload my site. Therefore all of my samples are in this form. If you see
one you would love to have as a blog design, this would be the option for
your purchase.
Matching Blog Design with OneSpringStreet
Website Design purchase:
This item is an add-on service to any website design you have ordered,
whether premade or custom, for a matching installed blog template.
This item will be designed to match your existing website ordered.


This service is provided for those with orders already in the process of
designing or a completed design already installed or delivered.
You may order this item with your website purchase today or
to match your previously ordered OneSpringStreet website design.


This item can only be order with a website design. Regular templates,
logos, business cards etc. do not apply to this special order.
Below is a sample of my blog design.

Blog Design purchasing options:Custom OOAK Blog Design $125.00
Blog Design from premade design $75.00
Matching Blog Design w/Website Purchase $45.00
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