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 Front page category images/ add on
Catalog > Front page category images/ add on

What is it? 
Clickable images for your categories. Placed on your front page as a visual product line. Advertising and directing your customers to intresting areas within your website. 
It is for OneSpringStreet to create images for your categories, either from images provided by you or ones created by OneSpringStreet, for your website, eBay store or even on your blog. You will find an example below…


On your website, these can be placed on your front page so that your customers can use them to navigate through your website to other areas or even to offsite places you wish them to visit without using the navigation bar.

These images are usually not placed on your navigation bar, but are visible on your front page in the text area.
HOWEVER-If you would prefer images for your navigation bar, then of course those can be made for you instead of the larger ones for your front page, you will just need to specify in the form that is sent to you confirming your purchase,


For an eBay store, they would be placed on your stores front page. On your blog, you can have them placed where you feel would work best. On blogs, these are usually used to link back to your website or eBay store for your customers but you can have them linked to wherever you wish. (please know that if you use them on your eBay store, you should only link them to other areas on your eBay and do not link them to your website-this is an ebay rule and can result in having your auctions flagged for removal).


These images are linked to the coordinating areas before they are placed on your page, and are fully installed for you.


They are custom created just for you with your text.

This purchase consists of up to 6 images for your categories, with options to purchase more if needed.


Below is a sample of an image map.

Of course,  you can submit an image for each portion of the map that I am creating for you.

Each section of the map will have the text you have provided for each image and each image will be linked with its coordinating page, whether that page is on your Website or if you wish, I can also link it to your Esty, Ebay, Blog, Facebook, etc.


If you are having OneSpringStreet create your images for your image map, It would be created to compliment your website design and you can provide the text and images for each section of the map.

Linked category images:up to 6 images $52.00
Add additional images-$3.00 each:
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